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Western Horseman Magazine - Cowboy Style

on Thursday, 11 July 2013. Posted in Editorials & Media, Blog Article


Western Horseman Magazine - Cowboy Style

I'm happy that Western Horseman Magazine chose my painting "Sky High" for the cover of their magazine. Below is the article...

"Canadian artist Michelle Grant conveys the character and spirit of a wily bronc bucking at the Calgary Stampede." By JENNIFER DENISON

It has been said that artists see things differently. Some see colors, textures and details more vividly than the average person. Others, like Michelle Grant, also see deeply into the soul of their subjects.

Riding A Rhino In The Rockies

on Sunday, 16 August 2009. Posted in Blog Article

Plein Air Painting with Sue in the east slopes

using a rhino atv to access great outdoor oil painting spots

noticed a voice mail on my phone from my friend Sue. amazingly, she was on holidays and was at home working on a painting of a reining horse...normally this time of year, Sue is embroiled in the throes of horse show madness at spruce meadows where she works. huh i thought...so i phoned her. the conversation went something like this...

what ya doin?...
painting...what you doin?...
thinking i need to come out and paint plein aire at your place...ya in?...
oh yeah, I'm in!

Gridlocked • Painting Process

on Sunday, 19 April 2009. Posted in Blog Article

Calgary Stampede Roughstock

Gridlocked - Painting of horses in progress

Finished this little painting today! It is small, 9 X 12" oil on canvas and took me about 20+ hours to complete. I'm happy I'm finished another one for my body of work for the Stampede Artist Studios show in July!

The horses in this painting were the Calgary Stampede roughstock that were part of the 2005 Alberta Centennial horse drive. The herd was driven into the village of Hussar and circled in the middle of main street. Over 200 horses, a living whirling, sweating, wild eyed carousel! I had the good fortune to be able to stand in the back of an obliging rancher's 3/4 ton truck to get the awesome reference photos I used for this piece.

All Dun...er I mean All Done.

on Tuesday, 17 March 2009. Posted in Blog Article

I am going to call this one "Almost Dun"

Horse Painting Done -

So happy to have finished this piece in a week and at how well it turned out. Especially pleased with how well the mane turned out, and of course that FACE! I wanted to capture that relaxed but abit on the tense side expression. This horse was in a pen at the Stampede Rodeo, and he and his pen mate were resting in the afternoon sun, both very aware of their surroundings. Not too worried, yet...but the tension is apparent in the tightness of the lips and nostril. It may not be visible on the monitor, but the eye is actually looking at the viewer.

Phase Three of Almost Dun

on Sunday, 15 March 2009. Posted in Blog Article

Good Ears

Horse Painting Progression

The top photograph is the painting on my easel, with the two reference photos taped up next to the painting. The smaller reference photo on the upper left, is taped off to the same proportions as the painting. I tend to get *lost* in my reference if I don't do this, and I find it incredibly helpful to do this as my eye won't needlessly wander around. This smaller photo is also redder in colour than the larger one on the lower right hand side, and it is this one that I used the most. The larger one allowed me to see some details, that the smaller one didn't.

Phase Two of Almost Dun

on Sunday, 08 March 2009. Posted in Blog Article

Dark Tones

Horse Painting Progression

In this next step, I have blocked in the darkest tones, and mid-tones beside one another on the muzzle, under the jaw and cheek. I used a darker mixture of the payne's gray and burnt sienna, and for the mid-tone lightened it with some of the perm. rose, blue and some white. I may have used a tad of the raw sienna...unfortunately I don't remember exactly what I did...I just mess around with the colours on my palette until I get what I want. I'm not afraid to try mixing various combinations of colour and then putting on the canvas. If its totally gross, I wipe it off.

Almost Dun

on Saturday, 07 March 2009. Posted in Blog Article

It Painted Itself

Almost Dun

Just in case no one noticed, it has been sometime since I've posted anything on this blog. Not like I haven't been working on artwork. I have been. I just haven't had the mental energy to want to write it down. This painting was actually started about two years ago and has been collecting dust in the closet. It is a portrait of two buckskin bucking horses, in a holding pen at the Calgary Stampede rodeo. Once I got around to digging it outta the closet and get back to it, I was surprised that it only took me a week to finish it. It just seems to have *painted* itself.

Not Done Enough

on Thursday, 08 January 2009. Posted in Blog Article

Back to Graphite.

Graphite drawing of cowboy and horses - in progress

So many hours into this one! And I'm still not done. My neck and back are *done*...stiff and sore. My massage therapist Sarah is going to kill me! My enthusiasm for working on it is *done* for today. I have been working hard to get this one finished in time for the Calgary Stampede art show deadline tomorrow. I am so tired I am incapable of making anymore marks on it or consider any changes.

Running Paints

on Friday, 19 December 2008. Posted in Blog Article

Back to Graphite.

Graphite drawing of cowboy and horses - in progress

I find great comfort in returning to graphite! It is a painstaking medium with fewer financial returns for the efforts put into each piece, and that's why I have shied from it that the last while. I suppose I could become looser, but I really enjoy building up the layers of tone, making the piece look photographic in appearance. Note I said photographic in *appearance* from a distance, but upon closer inspection, one can detect my mark making. Scribbles, dashes, strokes, cross hatching and the scumblings of a blending stub all make up the guts of one of my drawings.

Done the Dawg!

on Saturday, 13 December 2008. Posted in Commissions, Blog Article


Detailing the Dawg

Those two little words that I crave...I'M DONE!!

Having said that, this morning as soon as I got up, before showering, with coffee in hand, I ended up tweeking the Dawg's ear, and then some of the grass under her ear...all of this AFTER I had signed the painting and deemed it done.

Ex Arte Equinus ll - Winner

on Wednesday, 10 December 2008. Posted in Award Winning, Editorials & Media

First Place in Drawing Category

Ex Arte Equinus ll - Winner

Received news yesterday that my drawing "Good Girl" was awarded FIRST PLACE in the Drawing Category, in the Horse Art Magazine's Ex Arte Equinus ll art competition!

Judge Sheona Hamilton-Grant (no relation) of Belgium, chose this graphite drawing for First Place over the many fantastic drawing entries...

A Double Header

on Tuesday, 09 September 2008. Posted in Commissions, Blog Article

One step closer to autonomy.

A Double Header

The Wolfe Cabin is done and I'm doin' the happy dance! One more commission out of the way. One step closer to autonomy and freedom to paint what I want. Now to let it dry, varnish it, photograph it, frame it and its a done deal. Contact the client, and its off to a new home.

Calendar Girl

on Sunday, 17 August 2008. Posted in Blog Article

Time ticks on...

Calendar Girl

I'm stuck, too many things to do. Never enough time to do them all. Most of all I seem unable to motivate myself to finish the Wolfe Cabin or to work on anything that remotely resembles artwork.

Here it is November already, and I have hardly finished anything of substance.

Diving into the realm of blogging.

on Friday, 25 April 2008. Posted in Blog Article


Diving into the realm of blogging.

I have just dived into the realm of blogging! I thought I would never do this, I have far too many 'other' things to do in my life, let alone allow the Computer to drag me away from my artwork with yet another distraction.

Its all Mosaic Murals doing. I wanted to be part of the online sharing and interaction that will be going on with the Le Cadeau du Chavel project...